Heya 👋

My name is Cristiano and I work as a Developer.

I focus on design and development of web applications, something that I enjoy exploring and learning more about everyday. This resulted in the opportunity to work on a few interesting projects along the way and having the privilege of learning from talented teams.

A few places I’ve had the pleasure to work at include Simpleweb, Nomensa and CookiesHQ.

Each project I’ve worked on was slightly different from the previous one and usually my work focuses on Full Stack development of web and mobile applications and CLIs. Altogether, I’ve contributed to projects using a wide range of technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, PHP, React, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, NextJS, WordPress, MySQL and PostgreSQL and more.

Please feel free to get in touch about a project or role at hello@csalmeida.com.

No recruitment agencies please. I appreciate you reaching out but 90% of the recruiting messages I get are about roles that do not fit my skill set. I hope it’s okay if I reach out to you instead. Thanks a lot!