An archive of capoeira songs, available online for consultation.

Capoeira is an art that mixes dance, free movement, community, martial arts and music components.

The musicianship is an important aspect of capoeira being at the core of the practice but I found not all songs are available online and some are only available by asking experienced capoeiristas directly.

This project is an attempt to create a digital songbook for anyone interested in studying capoeira to consult and contribute to it.

An additional aspect I want to focus on is portability, allowing users to save songs to other formats such as PDF and being able to export song data to be displayed in the medium outside of the Biribá application.

I created the logo, visual language and UI design and built the project with Ruby on Rails.

Some features include:

  • Content is available in Brazilian Portuguese and English with options to add more languages in the future.
  • Ability to consult the archive with a basic search feature that allows searching for terms in English as well as Portuguese.
  • Users can register and contribute to the archive.
  • Song editor to create and manage songs with a robust text editor, draft, private and public statuses for songs, tags and more.
  • Control panel for administrators that shows statistics about song numbers, and accounts created and allows users and other records to be managed via the app.